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Gifts & Decor Grinning Realistic Replica Human Skull Home Statue (36245)

Bestseller #1 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 885776435061
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Gifts & Decor
  • Size: Skull
  • Manufacturer: Furniture Creations
  • Now, heres a real bonehead! Polyresin crafted skull is spine-chillingly realistic, right down to its ghastly grin. A daring decorators delight! 6.5" x 4.25" x 4.62". POLYRESIN

    Prextex 6.5 inch Realistic Looking Skeleton Skull for Best Halloween Decoration

    Bestseller #2 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Color: Skull
  • Brand: Prextex
  • Manufacturer: Prextex
  • Set the right horrific tone and give the shivers to your guests with this skeleton skull! It'll make the spookiest Halloween decoration for your graveyard scenes / decor; and will add serious fright to trick-or-treat night! Includes: One 6.5" Durable Plastic Skeleton with Movable Jaw. A must have Halloween decoration.

    Crazy Bonez Skeleton Skull

    Bestseller #3 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 628481187814
  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Crazy Bonez
  • Size: ST
  • Manufacturer: Seasons USA, Inc.
  • The Crazy Bonez 6" skeleton skull is a realistically molded with a detailed bone appearance. This Halloween decor piece is perfect for Haunted Houses and Halloween displays.

    Vision Scientific VAL207-A Life-Size Human Skull - 3 Parts | Medical Grade, Features Joints, Sutures, Fissures, Joints, Foramina and Processes | Removable Skull Cap, Full Dentition

    Bestseller #4 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 799861830740
  • Brand: Vision Scientific
  • Manufacturer: Vision Scientific
  • Description The classic skull moulded from the skull of adult male. The high quality, exceptional detail skull model is designed with precision to include extremely accurate representations of all sutures, tissues, joint, foramina and processes.  Features are movable skull cap for the study of interior structure.  1st choice for health science studies.   Shipping Information 8" X 8" X 7.5" 5 l... [read more]

    Wall Charmers Life Size Human Skull - 8.5" Realistic Faux Human Anatomy - Table Top Skeleton Head Home Decor

    Bestseller #5 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 708744100573
  • Color: Realistic
  • Brand: Wall Charmers
  • Size: 7" Tall X 5.25" Wide X 8.5" Deep
  • Manufacturer: Wall Charmers
  • This Faux Human Skull tabletop sculpture is great for medical professionals, Halloween, and themed parties. It can add a chic look to a room or act as a spooky prop for any occasion.

    Blue Panda Rotting Skull - Halloween Decoration - Realistic Looking Plastic Human Skull - Spooky and Creepy Decor, 5.7 x 7 x 7.5 Inches

    Bestseller #6 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 817997026698
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Blue Panda
  • Manufacturer: Juvale
  • This rotten skull decoration is sure to add to any creepy Halloween d?cor. What looks like decayed, leathery skin is immediately obvious. The thought of it previously belonging to someone that was alive fills your head. Place this skull on any table, chair, or countertop. Scare trick or treaters by putting it next to the candy bowl! Great for Halloween-themed parties, events and haunted houses. Th... [read more]

    Human Adult Skull Anatomical Model, Medical Quality, Life Sized (9" Height) - 3 Part - Removable Skull Cap - Shows Most Major Foramen, Fossa, and Canals - Includes Full Set of Teeth

    Bestseller #7 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 849230098742
  • Brand: hBARSCI
  • Manufacturer: hBARSCI
  • This model is a premium, medical quality anatomical model made of a durable plastisol polymer design to be easily cleanable and withstand high temperatures. All models are hand painted by artisans. Please contact us for further information regarding the specifics on any model.

    Life Size 1:1 Replica Realistic Human Skull Head Bone Model, Made with Resin

    Bestseller #8 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 652042633182
  • Brand: Rancoo
  • Manufacturer: Rancoo
  • Descriptions: 1 piece of life size human skull model 18 X 15 X 14 cm

    RONTEN Human Skull Model, Life Size Replica Medical Anatomy Anatomical Adult Model with Removable Skull Cap and Articulated Mandible, Full Set of Teeth,7.2x4.2x4.95in

    Bestseller #9 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 787794230454
  • Color: White
  • Brand: RONTEN
  • Manufacturer: RONTEN
  • Rich in Product Features: 1. High quality original human skull cast. It can be disassembled into 3-part: Calvaria, Base of Skull, and Mandible. 2. The calvaria is removable to show the internal structure of the skull. 3. The teeth are separated, same as real one, in ceramic white color. 4. The mandible is articulated and removable. 5.Highly accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, proc... [read more]

    Fun Express - Skulls (3pc) for Halloween - Home Decor - Figurines - Molded - Halloween - 3 Pieces

    Bestseller #10 Life Size Plastic Skull

  • UPC: 783329041663
  • Brand: Fun Express
  • Manufacturer: Oriental Trading Company
  • Skulls. Place these foam skulls around your home to create an eerie Halloween look. Add skulls to your decorations to create a spooky graveyard or mad scientist scene. Carry skulls as part of a Shakespeare or monster Halloween costume. (3 pcs per set) 4 1/4"

    Life Size Human Skull Plastic Model Prop Dead Bone Head Halloween Decoration

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Category: Other Holiday & Seasonal Décor
  • Price: 10 USD
  • (4) Life-Size Plastic Human Skull Decoration Prop Skeleton Head Halloween Decor

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Category: Other Holiday & Seasonal Décor
  • Price: 21 USD
  • Dark Stained Plastic 16" Deer Skull Trophy Halloween Prop Life Size Horror

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Category: Other Holiday & Seasonal Décor
  • Price: 15 USD
  • Giant Skull Halloween Prop"

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Model: VA696
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: One Size
  • Decorate the haunted house or party with this Giant Skull Prop. This large prop is a skull with a distressed look, missing teeth and this prop is as big as they come. Styrofoam with rotting features, non-moveable lower jaw. This skull is 9-1/2 inches wide by 13-1/2 inches tall by 12-1/2 inches deep. Pair this nightmarish indoor Halloween decor with additional life-size props to create the total

    Plastic Skulls Mesh Bag 6pc White

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Model: 82467
  • Color: White
  • Size: One Sizeone size
  • These decor products are ready to personalize, and create one of a kind items. Plastic Skulls Mesh Bag 6pc White- Plastic skulls with moveable jawbones. A hole at the bottom of the skull will allow for a dowel. Measures approximately 2"x

    22" Skull and Crossbones RIP Tombstone Halloween Decoration

    Life Size Plastic Skull

  • Model: 154059
  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
  • Whether your Halloween night is geared towards tricks or treats, this product will make your holiday celebration extra

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