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Foam Filled Alien Halloween Prop

Bestseller #1 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 841493102082
  • Brand: Halloween FX
  • Size: None
  • Manufacturer: Halloween FX
  • Realistic foam-filled, life sized alien. We know this because we have been abducted. And while on the Mothership, we measured them.

    Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

    Bestseller #2 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 787799995181
  • ASIN: B0070ABLHO
  • Brand: Crazy Bonez
  • Size: Standard
  • Manufacturer: Seasons USA, Inc.
  • No haunted house is complete without a Crazy Bonez skeleton in the closet! Crazy Bonez stands approximately 60" Tall and features realistic molded bones. The detailed bones include a full rib cage, spine, arms and legs, and skull with a movable jaw. Crazy Bonez limbs are poseable, with knees that lock into place to hold a position. Will stand erect against a wall and will be stiff but cannot stand... [read more]

    Seasons Full Size Inflatable Body

    Bestseller #3 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 689189781414
  • ASIN: B0070ABLIS
  • Brand: Seasons
  • Size: OS
  • Manufacturer: Seasons USA, Inc.
  • This inflatable body is perfect for a life size character or costume display. Stands 72" tall when inflated. The body includes an eyelet for hanging or can be propped up in a standing position. Great for use in a creepy Halloween cemetery scene, to fill a body bag, coffin or for use as a ghost. Dress up in a costume and mask and scare your friends.

    Sea Life Photo Stick Props

    Bestseller #4 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 645220396658
  • Brand: CusCus
  • Manufacturer: CusCus

  • Lifesize Posable Dummy 6 Ft Full Size with Hands Haunted House Halloween Prop

    Bestseller #5 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 601923001152
  • ASIN: B00NRX50SY
  • Brand: Brand new
  • Size: One-Size
  • Manufacturer: Brand new
  • Completely stuffed dummy has a soft pliable cloth body and head with life-like polyurethane hands. Flexible so you can dress easily, with posable arms and neck! Clothing/outfits not included. 6 feet tall.

    Twitching Clown Animated Halloween Prop Animated Lifesize Poseable Haunted House

    Bestseller #6 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 758710542777
  • ASIN: B013P3KQ66
  • Manufacturer: Seasonal Visions

  • Halloween Haunters Life-Size Hanging Skinned Human Zombie Ghoul Torso with Bloody Muscles & Guts Prop Decoration - Thick Rubber Latex Scary Mangled Dead Man Mummy Horror Body

    Bestseller #7 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 848849004519
  • Brand: Halloween Haunters
  • Manufacturer: Halloween Haunters
  • Halloween Haunters Life-Size Hanging Skinned Human Zombie Ghoul Torso with Bloody Muscles & Guts Prop Decoration - Thick Rubber Latex Don't be afraid, be terrified! A terrifying life-size hanging mutilated skinned zombies torso has been severed below his waist exposing his spine and mangled guts, while his skin has been stripped away from his chest, arms so you can only see the the disgusting bloo... [read more]

    cooper life Shark Birthday Party Supplies, Exquisite Cardboard Photo Booth Props Kit,for Birthday Party,Shark Theme Party, Baby Shower

    Bestseller #8 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 763180787832
  • ASIN: B07R1J9B82
  • Brand: cooper life
  • Manufacturer: cooper life
  • Cooper Life is committed to providing quality and rich party supplies. These photo booth props great for baby shower or birthday party supplies. Theme:baby shark, shark zone What you will get: · 25pcs Shark photo booth props. · 25 pcs Bamboo sticks(这里增加多长). · 25pcs Dot glue. We promise shark photo booth props: · make great addition to your birthday party. · are exactly as pictured... [read more]

    BLARIX Lifeguard Rescue Can Inflatable Float Prop (Red)

    Bestseller #9 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 716073410324
  • Brand: BLARIX
  • Size: Medium
  • Perfect lifeguard rescue can prop to complete the lifeguard halloween costume

    Animated Giant Pennywise Figure Halloween Yard Decoration and Prop, 6' H, by Morbid

    Bestseller #10 Life Size Props

  • UPC: 721773382383
  • Brand: Morbid Enterprises
  • Size: One Size
  • Manufacturer: Morbid Enterprises
  • This Life - size Pennywise includes one animated prop. forward leaning movement. eyes light up. movie dialouge and music. plugs in.. Clowns suck. You know it, we know it, and now everyone who visits your home for Halloween will know it too. That's because you'll have this Lifesize Pennywise Animated Prop set up to greet them. It packs all the spookiness of the movie onto the surface of one freaky ... [read more]

    Life-Size Rocking Moldy Mommy Halloween Prop

    Life Size Props

  • Model: MR124283
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: One Size
  • The Moldy Mommy Life-Size Halloween Prop depicts a hauntingly creepy life-size character that portrays the tragic tale of a mother and child locked in their last embrace for all eternity. This forgotten family rocks back and forth in any chair you place them.The realistic slush-PVC head and hands look as though they are decaying and covered with mold and fungus. This fabric-wrapped slush-PVC baby, "moldy" plastic feet, dress and shawl come on an easy-to-assemble metal frame that keeps everything together. This life-size prop is useful when setting up a creepy haunted house for Halloween and creating a spooky ambiance. It

    Life-Size 3-Head Zombie Wall Plaque Halloween Prop

    Life Size Props

  • Model: TA610
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: One Size
  • Add a scary touch to your Halloween decor or haunted house with this Life-Sized 3-Head Zombie Halloween Prop. With every turn, your guests could run into a brain-eating zombie, so warn them by posting a "Warning Zombie Ahead" sign along with the three decapitated, lifelike zombie heads. Made from plastic, this prop can easily be spot cleaned after each use. The plastic construction also ensures durability, allowing the wall plaque zombie prop to remain in good condition, year after year. For anyone looking to spook their friends and neighbors, this plaque is an excellent

    Life-Size Perfect Storm Halloween Prop

    Life Size Props

  • Model: VA621
  • Color: BlueBlack
  • Size: One Size
  • The Perfect Storm allows your lights to flash on and off when you hear thunder. Simply play the CD supplied with the unit, plug in your lights to the Perfect Storm Box and place in front of CD player. When thunder is heard, lights will flash in synchronized

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